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Monday, May 20 @ 6:00 PM

Required for parents of all prospective cheer team members.

You will get an overview of Elevation Athletics- our mission, expectations and vision our program. You will also have an opportunity to tour our facility, meet the coaches, ask questions and complete necessary paperwork.

Evaluation date and times are based on skill level. Please follow these level tumbling guidelines: 

note: this document is subject to change with next season's scoring updates

Arrive at 5:00 pm to warmup skills. Athletes will be evaluated in order of registration in an assigned 5 minute appointment. Schedule will be sent out Monday, May 20. Have your athlete wear black shorts, a white top and hair in a high pony/bow.

  • Level 1-2: Tuesday, May 21 from 5:00 pm

  • Level 2-3: Wednesday, May 22 from 5:00 pm​

  • Level 4-6: Thursday, May 23 from 5:00 pm​

The appointment time for each athlete will be posted at the gym upon arrival. Athletes will be evaluated in order of registration. Please make sure your child is ready to go at the correct time slot, and is picked up directly when their appointment has completed. These assessments will be closed to spectators.

Information for Evaluations: 

  • If you cannot make it on the prescribed tryout day, please contact to arrange a private or video evaluation (prior to our tryout dates).  Additional private evaluation fees may apply. 

  • Evaluation fees are non-refundable. If your child quits any time after team placements are announced or fails to appear for evaluations, all all fees will be forfeit and will not receive any team apparel/services. If your child is evaluated and is not offered a position on one of our teams, they will be offered a position on one of our PRIME teams for further development. $200 of the tryout fee will go on your account to be used towards PRIME tuition. If your athlete does not wish to participate in a PRIME team, $200 of your paid fee will be placed on your account as a credit that can be used for any of our programming. Credits expire one year from the date of payment/issue.

  • Evaluation paperwork must be completed prior to your athlete's evaluation appointment.

  • Evaluations will be based on skills assessment. We will evaluate athletes throughout the learning process and make initial training groups based on skills performed. Initial placements are not final, and preliminary teams/divisions will be set prior to our mandatory skills camp. Athletes may be moved to other teams throughout the year at the discretion of the coaches. 

  • Our June training & class schedule will begin June 3.

  • The evaluation fee is non-refundable.  Register by March 15th for the best rate. Price will increase March 16.


Not every athlete will be placed on an Elite or Premier team. We will protect the integrity of our program by only offering preliminary placements to those athletes who fit our program's expectations. We will be limiting the size of our program to protect the quality of instruction and the family culture of our gym. We will only place the number of athletes on teams that we can provide exceptional coaching for. Athletes may be offered a position on a PRIME team to further develop.

At Elevation Athletic we want every athlete to be a contributing asset to the team they are placed upon. We know that when athletes can be fully utilized in a majority of the routine they grow in both confidence and team unity. Evaluations give us a good indication of whether or not your athlete is ready to be part of our elite program, but is not enough time to dictate a season long team placement for any athlete. We want to give every athlete the opportunity to show their commitment, dedication, work ethic, team first attitude and ability to grow in both skill and mindset.

To ensure we are making the correct team placement decisions, we are stepping outside the box of a traditional tryout.

  • Athletes will be placed in June training groups following evaluations. This will give our coaching staff the opportunity to work with your athletes in a training setting and to make a thoughtful decisions about where they will thrive. This will also give us the opportunity to communicate with our parents/athletes realistic athlete placement, talk about goals and help your athlete build a plan to meet those goals.

  • Preliminary training group placements and June training times will be sent out via the email provided at registration by Sunday, May 26. 

    • We post their tryout number.

  • Our official team placements will be discovered during a special Team Reveal night on Friday, June 28. Athletes will be dropped off at Elevation Athletics at 5:00 PM wearing black shorts & a white top with hair in a high pony. Parents will arrive at 6:30 PM for a team reveal you won't soon forget! After all teams have been revealed, we will have a gym open house & celebration!

  • Mandatory Skills Camp for All Star Elite athletes will be between the dates of July 17-23 (waiting on finalized scheduling from guest staff). Attendance is required to be on an Elite or Premier Team. Detailed schedule will be sent out about a month prior.

  • Elite/Premier team choreography will be held July 24 & 25. Worlds Choreography will be held July 29-31. Attendance is required to be on a Team. Detailed schedule will be sent out about a month prior.

Late tryouts require additional costs to cover any missed payments.  Tryout fees are non-refundable.

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