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Tumbling, Recreational Cheer, Jump Strength & Flex, Flyer Training


Whether you are new to the sport and are looking to start your tumbling journey, or are a seasoned athlete looking to elevate your skills, this is the place for you! Athletes will learn gymnastics skills. They learn and perfect shaping/drills, kinesthetic awareness, tumbling knowledge, tumbling terminology. 

Disclaimer: In order to level up in tumbling classes, all prior level skills must be evaluated with our tumbling director. If all skills are completed to the Elevation standards, athletes will be invited to level up in tumbling. Requests/parent expectations do not decide which class athletes will participate in. Athlete performance & coach evaluation will determine placement.


Our Recreational Cheerleading classes are aimed at beginners. They are split by age and we have classes available for all ages- preschool, elementary and junior high aged children. These classes are held after school for athletes with little or no experience in cheer. Classes will teach the basics of body awareness, tumbling, jumps, motions and stunts.  These classes enroll on a bi-monthly basis and will cumulate with an in-house demo opportunity.  Athletes are evaluated at the end of each session & may receive an invitation to level up.

Tiers available dependent upon registration: Entry Rec Cheer (beginners/entry point), Intermediate Rec Cheer & Advanced Rec Cheer (by invitation/evaluation)


This class will focus on building strength and flexibility to improve jumps. Athletes will improve through targeted and specific drills and conditioning.  Please bring ankle weights to this class.


We have two class formats to train flyers. One class format will focus on flexibility, strength and body control needed to be successful in the air. The other class format will incorporate stunting in a group setting while following proper progressions and training to build flight skills under coach direction.

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