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At Elevation Athletics, ELITE PREMIER teams are reserved for seasoned athletes who possess the drive & dedication to push their skills to the next level and be competitive at a National Level. Not every athlete who tries out will be offered a spot on one our PREMIER teams. The integrity of this program will be protected with the competitiveness & opportunity for success at the forefront of our placements. PREMIER teams are geared toward the most competitive athletes in our state. These athletes must display skill proficiency in all aspects of All Star- stunting, tumbling, jumps and dance. Additionally- the character traits of our ELITE team members are pivotal. Athletes must display the highest standards of work ethic, respect, resilience & drive. These athletes are ready to be pushed to be their very best!


PREMIER teams have a year-round (May through May) commitment & practice 2-3 times per week. PREMIER teams will have multiple training opportunities throughout the year with the best guest coaches in the nation & will have the highest standard in coaching, apparel, choreography & music. PREMIER teams will have in-house exhibition opportunities and travel regionally to compete, while pursuing opportunities to compete Nationally at bid-required end of season events.

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