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After over 30 years in cheerleading, our purpose has become very clear- to provide a high level, competitive athletic experience for athletes who are looking for the top standard of instruction. We know the commitment that our athletes and their families invest into their participation in All Star, and we want to ensure that investment is taken seriously. There is a demand for a program that gives competitive, driven athletes an environment in which they can thrive and continue to grow and develop. Our staff has the knowledge and motivation to deliver the best instruction and develop the most competitive teams. We can ensure that our teams will always be built with the success and confidence of our athletes in the forefront of every decision made. This passion and expertise is coupled with the relationships that we have developed with industry leaders throughout the country that will give our athletes opportunities to train like no other facility in the state.

We are passionate about building a competitive program without limits. We believe that youth athletics build character traits that our athletes carry on and off the mat. Through the participation of team athletics, our athletes learn commitment, dedication, integrity, work ethic, team work, perseverance, accountability and the pursuit of excellence. We want to build a program that builds young people up through athletic endeavors in a positive, progressive and safe environment. There are no limits to what our athletes can achieve if they are willing to work for it. 


At Elevation Athletics, our program strives to take it to another level. Our goal is to provide the best for our families in culture, communication, organization and instruction. We have the highest standards when it comes to the coaches on our staff, technique taught to and executed by our athletes, the innovation and creativity of our routines and the culture created within our facility. We believe in the greatness of every child who walks through our doors, and will build a program that grows with our athletes- where they will continuously have the opportunity to achieve more than they ever thought possible and push themselves to new heights.

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