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What is Stunt?

STUNT, the fastest growing female sport in the country, removes the crowd-leading element and focuses on the technical and athletic components of cheer, including partner stunts, pyramids, basket tosses, group jumps and tumbling. These elements are put together in short routines that both teams must perform head-to-head on the floor at the same time. The team that executes the skills best wins the round and the point, and has the opportunity to determine which routine level will be called next. With four quarters of play – partner stunts, pyramids & tosses, jumps & tumbling, and team routine – STUNT is an exciting sport to play, coach and watch.

USA Cheer created STUNT to provide a discipline of cheer that was exclusively focused on competition and structured in a way to provide meaningful interscholastic and intercollegiate athletic participation opportunities that schools can count for Title IX. STUNT has done just that since 2010. STUNT just finished its 12th season at the college level and 10th for high school. More than 100 colleges have participated in STUNT since 2011, and more than 400 high schools have participated, making STUNT one the fastest growing female sports in the country.



Jul 2023 thru Dec 2023 (post-season through January 2024)

EXPERIENCE:  beginner thru advanced

PRACTICE:  2 day/wk


Teams will practice 2x per week July through November (schedule TBA)

(age as of June 1, 2023)
8U - Ages 5-8 yrs
11U - Ages 8-11 yrs

14U - Ages 11-14 yrs
18U - Ages 14-18 yrs


Plan to attend 2 regular season tournaments & end of season championship (*if qualified)
October: California

November: California or Utah
*Post-Season Championship - January 2024: California or Nevada

Registration: $150 (due June 15)
Tuition: 5 payments of $130 (due on the 1st, July through November)
Team Fee: 1 payment of $350
 (due Aug 15)
Team Fee in
cludes: jersey & shorts, team shirt, tournament entry fees & coaching
*Does not include post-season training/tournament fees

Post Season Championship training

$130 Tuition (Due December 1)

Team Fee: TBD (includes Champion t-shirt, tournament entry fees & coaching)

Why Stunt?

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